February 2022 Update

Advancing into Alpha, beginning investment round, and partnering with key pilot partners



Hi friends,

A lot of progress happened in the last few months at Jupiter and we thought we kind of owe you a check-in.

When we started building Jupiter, it was truly only something we thought we wanted and needed to protect our cars in the craziness that is the Bay Area. However, the more we shared our ideas with friends and strangers, the more apparent and universal this problem and pain became. There had to be a better way to protect your car than just sticking a white sheet of paper that says “No valuables inside” and praying they took a read before smashing it for the 4th time that month.

The pain was real but it was when I flew back to Canada to visit family where even in a small city, my sister’s car was broken into and her glove compartment rummaged through while it was parked in front of our house in the suburbs. Then, my uncle’s car got his catalytic converter sawed off in the middle of the day while he was working in a busy plaza. That was when we knew that the problem impacted people beyond the borders of metropolitan cities like San Francisco. We had to do something.

Fast forward, we’re now officially advancing into the Alpha phase of testing. Without boring you with the details, we had some issues with false positives and accuracy in motion and sound detection. As an add-on/third-party device on top of a vehicle that’s meant to be universal regardless if you have a Mini Cooper, Honda Civic, Ford F150, or a Toyota Sienna, an awesome family van, the challenge to have absolute certainty when your window is broken versus being just tapped by a branch versus someone just walking by might not be as easy as it sounds - and the good news is we solved majority of those issues by relentlessly testing and iterating.

The Jupiter team has been actively living on the version 1 of the (Jupiter) dash cam. Parking in the garage, in dark alleyways, in the bustling city to the countryside, we tested absolutely everywhere - and it worked beautifully (with some exceptions to some bugs that were quickly fixed).

During Alpha phase, we’re focused on smashing more windows in more cars, denting and damaging cars in various areas, proving out connectivity, and rigorously ensuring our sensors don’t have weak spots. To keep up to date with our testing and progress, definitely follow us on Instagram. Yeah, we’re pretty hip - but most importantly, we want you to be part of the journey to getting us from 0 to 100.

With that said, we’ve also made significant progress in establishing strong and long-term relationships with key partners to Jupiter’s success. To ensure we have the best connectivity, we’re piloting our Alpha with the largest network provider in Canada and finalizing conversations with incredible providers in the US.

In terms of manufacturing, we’ve solidified a plan of attack and a few potential manufacturers to bring Jupiter Cam to the world. We’re currently testing with a few development kits to make sure all the pieces fit together to make Jupiter not only a great device that everyone and their mom wants but also one that is not going to cost an arm and a leg. Fun stuff.

In addition to all the engineering and testing workstreams, we also began working on growing our waitlist, interviewing potential users, and seeing what demand looks like. With some marketing partners like Jackfroot, they posted an Instagram carousel explaining what Jupiter Cam is and in the matter of hours received over 7k likes, over 1500 shares, and roughly 600 saves. Although our co-founder Danny wants to take credit for the high engagement, we definitely did not expect it - and how much it resonated with everyone. We know people want and need Jupiter Cam.

Among all things, we’re preparing for our Seed round. Taking on outside money is something we’re being incredibly diligent and purposeful on. Let us know if you’re an interested VC/Investor and we’ll get you our deck! We have a strong team and we’re looking to grow it but in order to do so, we’ll need to give ourselves the best shot.

That’ll be it for this update. If we went over all the details and progress we’ll probably need a few more hours.

Thank you for being part of our journey in making Jupiter Cam a household name. Excited to make people’s lives just a little bit easier.

The Jupiter Team

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Introducing Jupiter Cam

The first dashcam that protects your car 24/7



We’re extremely excited to announce our newest project, the Jupiter Cam — a smart dashcam that monitors your car even when you’re gone. The problem we’re solving is real.

Your vehicle is most likely the second-largest purchase you make in your life but after we park it and walk away we essentially cross our fingers that it’ll be there the next morning. Break-ins, scratches, and even outright theft is happening more often than ever yet there is barely any viable solution to stop it.

This is why we’re here. In San Francisco, alone car thefts and are up 34% and smash-and-grabs are so common that locals have nicknamed shattered glass on the road “SF snow”. People have resorted to putting up handwritten signs that say things like “No Valuables inside” in hopes that the culprits would skip their car while some have simply left their car windows down so at the very least they wouldn’t have to spend a few hundred dollars replacing their window. It’s ridiculous and unbelievable.

And it’s not just the big cities like San Francisco or New York that get hit. Many of our family members who live in the suburbs of small towns have gotten their cars broken into, rummaged through and even keyed and scratched for absolutely no reason. There’s also plenty of times where people’s cars have gotten hit in the parking lot but due to limited security cameras and witnesses, there was nothing anyone could’ve done about it.

Our solution with Jupiter Cam is simple — we’re creating a mobile security system for your car by utilizing state-of-the-art sensors, cameras, and cloud computing. We alert you whenever there is suspicious activity in or around your car, instantly upload the footage onto the cloud, and most importantly, proactively engage and warn would-be criminals that your car is protected through unique LED identification features, GPS tracking and security protocols.

The point is — we’re not only serious about finding justice for you after an incident but also proactively prevent them too.

We’re still heads-down building out our first prototype to pitch to investors and get this into the market but you can rest assured we are going fast.

If you want to be part of the Jupiter Cam journey, please email us at hello@jupitercam.com.

And if you haven’t already, sign up at www.jupitercam.com to be the first few to grab one when it's out.

Thanks for the support and be safe!

Jupiter Cam Team