Frequently Asked Questions

Jupiter Cam V1 is currently in alpha testing with a select group of users in San Francisco and Toronto.

How do I sign up for beta?

There is an ongoing waitlist here. We are sending invites out periodicially through the email you've provided including instructions on how to download the Jupiter Cam mobile application and to receive the physical Jupiter Cam to install on your dash.

How do I power my Jupiter Cam?

The Jupiter Cam V1 is powered through your vehicle's USB port. Connect your dash cam to the external battery pack included in your starter pack and then plug the USB power capable (via battery) into your vehicle's USB port. Typically, the USB port is located below your front dashboard or entertainment console. Moving forward, when you turn off your car and leave then the Jupiter Cam will begin monitoring mode which is powered utilizing the external battery.

Can I download the security clips?

Yes - you can always download the clips anytime through the Jupiter Cam mobile application. Log in to the mobile application -> Click Dashboard tab -> Select the Alert you want to download the security clip from -> Click the download button on the bottom right of the video player. Clips downloaded tend to be stored in your phone's file folder or your photos application.

How long are security alerts, video clips and additional footage stored for in the mobile application?

Every alert including the video clips and images are securely stored in the mobile application (via cloud storage) for up to 14 days. After 14 days the contents will be deleted. You will be able to download the contents anytime within the expirey period.

How many days can Jupiter Cam stay powered without my car being turned on?

The Jupiter Cam can last for approximately 1-2 weeks in monitoring mode while being powered solely through the provided external battery pack with normal use. Once it runs out of power, the Jupiter Cam will send the user a low battery notification before turning off. To charge the battery and the Jupiter Cam, you simply need to turn on your car or plug the device directly in a power source (i.e. wall outlet).

What happens to the footage when someone physically steals my Jupiter Cam in a break-in?

The Jupiter Cam is designed for situations where the physical camera is stolen and optimized to securely upload recorded the captured footage to the cloud so the rightful owner can have access. The Jupiter Cam is also equipped with GPS integration and world class security prevention in case of any theft or vandalism.

How do I provide the captured security footage to the authorities?

If the Jupiter Cam captured a crime that occured, we suggest the user quickly download the footage through the Jupiter Cam mobile application and share it with relevant authorities. All contents captured will be present and accessible to the user within 14 days of incident date.

What does the "Live View" feature do in the app?

The Live View feature enables users to instantly capture and view a picture of the inside of their car from the Jupiter Cam. This was a heavily requested feature for people who want to check on the state of their car at any given moment. Now you can see the inside of your car from anywhere in the world with a click of a button.

Does Jupiter Cam monitor the car at night?

Yes - the Jupiter Cam is equipped to monitor you vehicle at night or in dark environments. However, we do suggest you park in a well-lit area to optimize for camera quality and sensor activities.

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